Nakamura (b. 1971) creates paintings that integrate Pop images of Japanese and Western advertising or anime characters, in addition to incorporating actual objects symbolic of everyday consumption, such as a crushed soda can, band-aid or compacted boxes. Nakamura began his artist career while he worked as a clerk in a convenience store, surrounded by the imagery of colorful cartoon packaging and uniform displays of milk cartons and take-home sushi. During the late night shift he would contemplate the myriad packaged images created to sell and encourage compulsive buying for salty snacks or vitamin drinks.

The foundation of Nakamura’s paintings begins with various textured surfaces, such as distressed wood pieced together with metal siding or cardboard. A large advertising character dominates the focal point, either American or Japanese ad figures with various personas, from Tony the Tiger to Kyoro- chan, who promotes a candy similar to M&M's. Nakamura’s intention is not to re-create the images as slick or glossy, but instead he suggests a sense of age and decay. The feeling is comparable to finding a long lost billboard or graffiti that survived as a remnant of an era.