Amsterdam based artist HANDIEDAN (Hanneke Treffers, b. 1981) creates mixed media pin-up artworks, black-and-white photo montages and fine line drawings on old sheet music.

It is a cut and paste mixture of patiently composed collages on paper and photo montages all washed together with the computer in an aesthetically pleasant and intuitive playful way. HANDIEDAN uses classic pin-ups and other elements like old sheet music, Chinese papers and stamps, old money, elegant curls, old wood, rusty metal and other old stuff she gathers on the street, flea markets or finds in old boxes on the attic.

To combine the old images with her hand-dawn little girly doodles and scratches she distorts the carefully placed elements and makes the design lively, like in nature and the beauty and the discarder, objects and people, structure and balance, and happenings by purpose. 

Handiedan’s accomplished and refined collage technique allows her for an artistic journey through past, present and future. The result is an almost kaleidoscopical visual exploration whose discoveries are sometimes immediately visible and sometimes hidden in plain sight.